Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrity Ghost Stories: Cure for Withdrawal

I'm a big fan of Celebrity Ghost Stories, and right now the only shows airing are re-runs that I have already seen. Today, I wanted to check to see if Ernie Hudson from the movie Ghostbusters had been featured on Celebrity Ghost Stories because in an interview this week with TMZ Ernie Hudson said he didn't believe in the paranormal. But I remembered seeing him on the show, and I was right. I remembered that he had stayed in a haunted hotel with his family and they were scared by an apparition in the middle of the night.

While searching the Celebrity Ghost Stories website I found some short videos that are exclusive to the website with stories told by some of the featured celebrities that were not part of their aired segments. It was great, because it was like a new episode or two of the show was available with all new material.

I guess my favorite was Tracy Nelson, who said she dreamed of her father, the singer Rick Nelson, after his death. In a series of dreams he would call her on the phone and tell her she was very sick and needed to see a doctor. She had few symptoms but went to see doctors asking them to check her out, and they repeatedly found nothing. In the final dream, her father was yelling at her to find a doctor to treat her, that her life was in danger. She finally found a doctor who discovered a large tumor behind her heart and she was treated for cancer after that.

I also had a dream in which my former mother-in-law called me on the phone on the first anniversary of her death. When I heard her voice on the phone, I said, "Did you come back?" She was crying and saying that she was worried about her youngest son who needed some help, and that he had no place to live. In the dream I assured her that he was fine. She told me, no, he had misspent his money and had no place to live. Two days later, her youngest son showed up at my door saying he needed a place to sleep because he had been living outdoors for awhile and he was cold. So that was interesting to me. The dead calling on the phone to reach us in dreams.

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